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This novel.

So. Much. Love.

TolleMiri-ness. And. Klueze a canon pedo And. Mwu batting his eyelashes.

But before the rest of the quotes.. XD.

First Yzak being annoyed at Dearka saying that the girls in Orb were cute. But no that is not all, this.. this quote:

"Since when were you so interested in girls?" Yzak snapped at Dearka.

... THE GAY IT BURNS. And I love how Yzak is like WHAT A SHOCKING SURPRISE. Dearka you were a flaming bisexual hobo, wtf. And Yzak was a total jealous girlyboyfriend.


First we have Athrun being a DIRTY MEAN LIAR:
Nicol smiled mischievously at Athrun's bluff. "How would you know? Weren't you asleep?"

Athrun turned red. True, the recital had put him to sleep, but the concert hall was large enough that he'd thought Nicol wouldn't notice.

"Not at all," he lied. "I enjoyed every note."

"Then why were your eyes closed?"

"Uh, so I could concentrate on the music."

"I'm surprised anyone could concentrate on the music," Nicol smiled, "over the sound of your snoring."

"I snore?!"

"Ha! Caught you!" Nicol shouted triumphantly.

"All right, maybe I drifted off in the middle, but only because I've been pulling so many double shifts." It was a lie. He was simply bored.


Now we have Klueze playing favorites and Yzak being pwnd:
"Then the four of you will form a team. And just to be sure you don't get too carried away, Yzak," Klueze turned and faced Athrun, "Athrun will be in charge."


"It's not your job to question my orders, Athrun." Klueze towered over him. "It's your job to follow them."

"I guess that makes us the Zala team, eh?" Dearka sneered. Athrun found both Yzak and Dearka glaring at him as he left the room. Clearly, neither wanted to work under him.


"Good," Klueze said as he leaned in close. He stroked a finger down Athrun's cheek. "Because if you don't do it, I'll have your head."


AsuCaga island moment:
"Looks like you have a bad case of crabs," he joked.


Yzak being gay. And Dearka being hungry:
Yzak spread both hands out dramatically. "Members of the Zala team! I have news of our first glorious mission. It should bring us great honor as he perform a search and rescue of our esteemed commander!"

Dearka laughed.


"HQ has its own problems, you know-- something about a war," Yzak replied, rolling his eyes. "They said if we wanted to find our commander, we'd have to do it ourselves."

"It's getting late. Let's search tomorrow," Dearka said. "I don't want to miss dinner."


Kira had never seen such a display of emotion from this man before. He reached out to touch La Fllaga, but the older man released Kira and walked away.


Mwu you woman:
"I'm sure no one will wonder if you saved us because your daughter was aboard," La Fllaga said sarcastically, but he smiled sweetly. He loved to stir up trouble.

Murrue shot him a look but he just batted his eyelashes at her.


KiraCaga love:
Still, he thought, she looks elegant. Then, finding the whole situation ludicrous, he couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" Cagalli demanded.

"Nothing... Your Highness!" He bowed, and she turned away, more embarrassed than angry.


Kira suddenly realized something-- now that Cagalli's secret was out that she was a princess of a lord's clan, they would be no longer able to talk to each other as comfortably as they had before. Then he realized he might never even be able to even see her again!

A horrible loneliness crept over him.


The Astray girls are. Um. Well, wow!:
"Yes!" answered three high pitched voices.

Kira was astonished. These are pilots?

"Miss Cagalli?!" one of them continued. "You're back!"

"How are you, sweetie pie?"

"Welcome home, darling."

"Thanks," Cagalli answered gloomily.

Kira couldn't believe these shrill, girly voices belonged to mobile suit pilots, yet Erica and Cagalli seemed used to it.

"Who's that next to you? He's cute!"

"Where did you find a boy like that, Lady Cagalli? Why you little devil!"

"We thought you were running away from home, but instead you were eloping."

"It's not like that!" Cagalli snapped.

The girls giggled in delight. None of them seemed concerned about Cagalli's social rank.

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much, sugar!"

"I want to know where I can get a dreamy boyfriend like that!"

"Cut it out!" Cagalli insisted.


TOLLE!!!! ♥:
Tolle looked around the Archangel for his parents.

Because the Archangel's crew wasn't allowed to leave the island, Orb arranged for the Heliopolis refugees' parents to meet them in a military briefing room.

He watched Miriallia's tearful reunion as her parents clutched her tightly, tears flowing freely. The others were all there, too. Only Kira's parents were absent, along with Kira himself. Tolle wondered if Kira had stayed behind on Fllay's behalf, as both her parents were dead.

"Tolle!" cried his father.

His mother covered her mouth as she tried to hold back her tears. His father tried to speak, but couldn't find the right words. Tolle found it hard to breathe.

They didn't have much time and there were so many things Tolle wanted to tell them. But feeling their arms wrapped around him, his eyes welled up with tears.

Tolle was overwhelmed with guilt for joining the military without consulting them. Of course, there hadn't been time to ask for permission, but seeing how much they worried about him, he felt bad.

"I'm sorry," he found himself saying.

"How could you?!" cried his mother. "How could you get so involved in the war?"

"I had to."

He'd joined to protect his friends and other innocent civilians. He didn't want to see another massacre like the one on Heliopolis.

His father seemed to understand that. "You did the right thing, son."

Tolle had never felt more proud.


Oh you Astray girls:
When the demonstration was over, the two other pilots, Juri and Mayura, snuck up beside Kira.

"Say, Kira, how old are you?"

"Aw, Juri, you already have a boyfriend! He's mine."

"What? I just want to talk to him."

"So do you have a girlfriend?"

Kira couldn't believe they carried on like this, even face to face. He shrank from their barrage of questions, their flirtatious chatter made him nervous.

Cagalli came to his rescue. "He does have a girlfriend. And she's gorgeous."

"Oh?!" Mayura's voice dropped in disappointment.

"Why are all the good men taken?" Juri asked.


"How do you know it's there?" Yzak insisted.

Athrun hesitated. "I can't tell you."

"This is crap!" Yzak threw his cup across the room.

"What if you're wrong?" asked Dearka.

"I'm not."

"Yeah, right. You magically know where the Paw is and which direction it's going in. But if you're wrong, then we sit here in the middle of nowhere while it escapes!" Yzak kicked the table to emphasize his last word.


Teh gay!!1":
Athrun couldn't help but smile. Nicol's face held the sheer delight of a child. Ever since they'd arrived on the planet, Nicol took in every ounce of beauty he could find: the shape of a cloud, the color of the ocean, or the sound of a fish splashing in the water.

Nicol almost melted away Athrun's fears and frustrations.


Tolle's first flight:
Miriallia looked at the copilot's seat anxiously. Normally, her boyfriend Tolle sat there. Today, the seat was empty.

"You ready, Tolle?" asked La Fllaga.

"Yes!" Tolle responded shrilly.

"Don't be so tense. We're just flying air support," La Fllaga commanded. "Oh, and one more thing."

"Yes?" Tolle said, trying to sound calmer.

"Don't get shot down!"

Tolle held his breath. He'd done plenty of simulations, but they didn't reproduce the gravitational forces of an actual launch. It was worse than he expected.

As soon as he cleared the smoke, the Duel appeared on his flank.

He screamed, but his hand reflexively yanked hard on the steering. The machine turned precipitously and the Duel's first shot missed.

"All right, not bad!" La Fllaga's voice came over the communication link. "I'll leave you to support the Strike."

"Yes, sir!" Tolle's voice sounded strained to his own ears. He hoped La Fllaga didn't notice.

Tolle could see all four X numbers. He entered their coordinates into his console. His hands were shaking.


The Nicol thing was so. Sad. Only they made Yzak more pansy in it but made up for that with Dearka's gay "I'mma go see if he's okay" remark XD:

Yzak beat his hands against the wall with all his might. His knuckles were bleeding. "Damn it all to hell!"

Athrun and Dearka silently changed out of their flight uniforms.

Yzak turned and violently kicked the lockers. One of the doors swung open and a red uniform fell out.

"Yzak!" Dearka pointed.

Yzak stopped in surprise when he finally noticed he'd kicked open Nicol's locker. He slumped forward, his energy spent.

"Why did he have to die?!" Yzak moaned. "Why?"

Athrun grabbed Yzak's collar and shoved him against the lockers. "If there's something you want to say, say it!"

Yzak hung limply in his arms as a tear slid down his face. His fight was gone.

"That it's my fault. That he died because of me!" Athrun continued shouting, ready for a fight.

"Athrun, stop it!" Dearka stepped between them. "The two of you fighting won't solve anything! It's the Strike that we have to defeat!"

"I know that!" Yzak shouted back, tears streaming down his cheeks. "He killed Miguel, too! I'll never forgive him!"

Yzak ran from the locker room, sobbing.

There was a tense silence.

"I'm going to make sure he's okay." After glancing at the uniform, Dearka turned and followed after Yzak.


Mwu and Natarle chat!:
"Rules, eh?" La Fllaga looked away. "Sometimes rules and regulations can become too strict, too rigid. There are times when you need to break the rules just to survive."

"For example?"

"All's fair in love and war." La Fllaga grinned.


"I'll admit it was scary at first!"

Tolle's voice could be heard in the corridor. Fllay peeked inside the mess hall to listen.

"As soon as I launched, the Duel fired at me!" Tolle waved his hands to emphasize the drama of his story. "But I'd practiced so much in the simulations that it became second nature to evade."

"You did good for your first solo flight, kid," praised one of the mechanics. Tolle's face lit up.

So what? thought Fllay. It's not as if you shot down an enemy machine.

"You have been practicing an awful lot of simulations," Miriallia said, a hint of jealousy in her voice. It wasn't easy losing time with her boyfriend to a flight simulator.

"Yeah, but we're all learning how to be better soldiers, right Ssigh?" Tolle picked out Ssigh because everyone knew he'd been reading up on Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz to learn tactics and strategy.

"But Tolle," Miriallia continued, "you get too carried away! I was terribly worried!"

"I told you it's okay, Miri. I'm only flying support."

"So what? Does that mean they're not allowed to shoot you down?!"

"You worry too much, babe." He threw an arm around her and pulled her close. Even though he joked, he knew she only worried because she loved him so much.


Fllay innerthoughts!:
Fllay grew tired of eavesdropping and turned away. As she walked down the hall, she suddenly realized that these used to be her friends. Yet somehow, she no longer belonged to the group. In fact, ever since they landed on Earth, all she did when she wasn't on duty was shut herself in Kira's room. Meanwhile, her friends became integrated with the crew; they were sharing stories together. Even Ssigh didn't miss her anymore.

Has Ssigh forgotten about me already? How could he?!

Fllay felt indignant, forgetting the fact that she had broken Ssigh's heart when she'd left him for Kira.


She only slept with him to get her revenge on all Coordinators. She encouraged him to fight so he would kill his own kind. And if he should die? So what, he was one of them, right?

And yet he cared for her. Even though he'd clearly figured out she didn't love him, he still cared for her.

At times, she found herself wishing they were normal lovers, like Miriallia and Tolle.

Have I made a mistake? she wondered.

No! It's not my fault! None of this would have happened if papa were still alive. It's Kira's fault for not protecting him. It's not my fault!

She didn't believe it though. It suddenly dawned on her that she cared for Kira.


Wah. ;o;:
Miriallia had a monitor into each of the Sky Graspers. Suddenly, the second monitor filled with static. The words "SIGNAL LOST" were displayed in the corner.

"Tolle." She continued to quietly whisper the name of the boy she loved.


And this was how the novel ended. I WANT MORE WTF:
She hadn't been watching the monitor during the battle, so she didn't understand why the system had failed. She thought it might be a technical glitch, especially since the bridge had taken so much damage in the crash.

Yes, that's it, a technical error in the electrical system. It has to be, she thought.

The Strike's monitor turned to static.

Miriallia pounded the top of the console to see if she could get it working. Then she heard the dreadful roar of a massive explosion somewhere on the island.

Even though she was surrounded by the walls of the bridge and couldn't see anything, she instinctively looked in the direction of the sound.

"No," she muttered. "It can't be."

She looked back at the monitors for Tolle and Kira. Nothing but the static and the blinking words "SIGNAL LOST."

I want mooooore I hope volume 4 comes out soon. and then all the Destiny ones D: xlkjvxlkjl. AND TOLLE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. SOO happy there was lots of Tolle love~
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