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Yay, so, two new icons from the new doujin. I have another base made but I'm sure what I want to put on it otherwise. XD Cuuuute.

I could swear I had a lot to update about, but I can't remember now, if I even did at all. Except that I did want to mention my horrible weakness to temptation and went and ordered two Dearka/Yzak doujinshi yesterday. From a circle who has a new one out that I really want because it's porny and pretty and manly and that is the best combination ever. But the two I did get are earlier released by the circle.

If you wanna see some of the artwork, go [here], the date links all the way at the bottom take you back for more pretty art.

So heh, yes I ordered two of them and I'm happy about that. XD; And giddy and fangirly but that's a given!

Also me and mom watched Lost last night. D: The end of that episode is so sad, the Michael and Walt flashback episode at the beginning of the second season. How it ends and then it goes back to Michael and Sawyer on the raft and he's crying and sosad. Especially since I cried the first time I saw that episode and then knowing now what happens at the end it's like wooow.

Aww dog.
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Kitty stealing things from my bed and putting them in his basket. D:
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This pic sucks but the tree was so PRETTY there was sunlight gleaming off it and it was orangier than this. >:
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From last night, SLEEPY KITTY AWW. And his fat ass.
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And now I'm gonna post some of the translations kagu_chan made last night of My Fair Lady. Log consists of lots of awww and socute. Also THANK YOU FOR TRANSLATING SOME OF IT EEE. XD

Dearka> teehee
Dearka> first page.
Yzak[ALLMAN]> =o
Dearka> Dearka: Wh--- WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE D:
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ...XD
Dearka> Cagalli: Welcome back yo~
Dearka> Dearka: Don't 'Welcome Back' me! What's going on? D:
Yzak[ALLMAN]> xD
Dearka> And she mentions something about... headquarters? and things.
Dearka> Or an order. I'm not sure. XD

Dearka> ...AHAHAHA
Dearka> Cagalli calls Dearka a cranky old man
Dearka> ....
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ...
Dearka> ...
Dearka> I think it's like
Dearka> Cagalli's basically saying something like "if you don't listen to me/if you try anything on me this place is surrounded by my Special Police :D"
Dearka> And Dearka's like .............>:((((

Dearka> ...
Dearka> I think
Dearka> in this page
Dearka> Yzak is...talking...about...romance?
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ogod
Dearka> and feelings?
Dearka> And Athrun's like ".......who exactly are you referring to"
Dearka> Yzak: T-THAT'S HOW YOU TREAT *WOMEN* *>_______>*
Yzak[ALLMAN]> I would know
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Ahem
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: points ::
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: at YOU ::
Dearka> Athrun: Heeeh? Sounds like something from real experience.
Dearka> ...I think Yzak's talking about how it feels like to be romanced, actually

Dearka> Ezaria asks Cagalli how Dearka does as a 'lead' (as in the guy who does the active stuff in a partner dance), and says that he and Yzak used to do dance lessons together as kids
Dearka> And
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ;o;
Dearka> Ezaria: But when a girl partner was suggested he always declined
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Awww.
Dearka> Ezaria: At parties, you could always see the two dancing together by themselves on the balcony
Dearka> ....awwww
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ... a-awww.
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: WIBBLE ::
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: can't squeal it's 7am ::

Dearka> And..after that I think Ezaria says something like "Come to think of it, I should have thought more about why Dearka seemed to prefer dancing with him than with girls" or something like that
Dearka> XD
Yzak[ALLMAN]> lols u gei

Dearka> And then some thoughts by Cagalli
Dearka> she looks at Ezaria and thinks something about how perfectly 'feminine' she is, or dignified, or something like that
Yzak[ALLMAN]> My mommy is awesome.
Yzak[ALLMAN]> But bitch she will cut you if she must.
Dearka> and is like "both Ezaria-san and Dearka have this aura of refinement/grace" or something XD
Dearka> I think they're practicing at the Jule mansion, btw
Yzak[ALLMAN]> That's cus Dearka always hangs out with us
Yzak[ALLMAN]> so our awesomeness filled his hobo void

Dearka> And Cagalli thinks something about Athrun being a child(ish) person and something about Lacus...? XD
Dearka> ...and then there's a party at the Jule mansion?
Dearka> And the women are basically shittalking Cagalli about her being the ORB rep and being escorted apparently by Dearka and being a Natural and blablabla
Dearka> >:(
Dearka> And they mock her dress, I think XD something about the design
Dearka> and how Coordinators have a better sense of fashion....or something...
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Yeah we do.
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: poses in the fur coat ::
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: and the lacy chest ::
Yzak[ALLMAN]> :: and the suit ::
Dearka> ...
* Dearka pets.

Dearka> Okay then...
Dearka> The girls fangirl Dearka and he's like 'okay we'll get you another dress no worries ;D" to Cagalli
Dearka> And the new dress is pink (which annoys her XD)
Dearka> And it...is apparently Ezaria's with some adjustments done?
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ooo
Dearka> And Ezaria comes in and I'm not sure what she says, something about growing old... I think... I have no idea..... but whatever it is Dearka's like "AHEM COUGHCOUGH >_>"
Dearka> And he leads Cagalli out and blabla stares and wtfery, and she walks like a robot across the dance floor XD
Dearka> with "creak creak" sound effects

Dearka> and Dearka's like "k sit here :D" and she's like "y u leave me alone D:"
Dearka> And Dearka's like "Don't worry, your prince is coming in a moment" XD
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Awwwwww
Dearka> And Athrun appears, and he mentions something about Yzak bringing him there to be Cagalli's escort?
Dearka> And Dearka's like "Welcome back" to Yzak and Yzak's like "8D"
Dearka> And they're both having 'grin grin' sound effects XD
Dearka> And then convo between Athrun and Cagalli: they dance, Cagalli's like "ohsnap I can't do this :<" and Athrun's like "Don't worry, I'll help you" and goes on to talk about how he'll always be there to support her... or something. Xd
Dearka> *squee*
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Awww XD

Dearka> And I think Athrun can't stay too long or something, I'm not too sure. XD
Dearka> So Cagalli's like D:.
Dearka> But Athrun mentions Cagalli looks very beautiful/graceful (for once) and she says it's with Dearka's help specially for the occasion, and Athrun's like "...ya I got Yzak's help too >_>"
Dearka> And then flashback XD
Yzak[ALLMAN]> XD!!!!!!!!
Dearka> Caption: Yzak-sensei's lesson
Dearka> Athrun: ....I didn't know the girl was supposed to lead?

Dearka> Dearka: Well, Yzak?
Dearka> Yzak: Hn?
Dearka> Dearka: Let's head for the balcony.
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Awwr
Dearka> And something about the balcony always being their reserved spot XD
Dearka> And Athrun and Cagalli decide to leave the two alone
Dearka> Aww
Yzak[ALLMAN]> Aww

Dearka> oh my god the omakes
Dearka> XD
Dearka> It's like... Dearka's first art expo, or something...
Dearka> and that giant sculpture in page 4 that was covered?
Dearka> Is the giant Yzak-like statue

Dearka> And third page is like... something about Yzak being pissed at Dearka for making him a public spectacle throughout PLANT, basically
Dearka> XD
Dearka> And Dearka's like :D
Dearka> and... I think Yzak yells something about semeness at him...
Dearka> ...
Yzak[ALLMAN]> ... wha..t
Dearka> And Dearka's like "I don't want to. :X"
Dearka> and then he's like POINT and all "THAT. THAT'S THE PERFECT EXPRESSION I WANT TO CAPTURE, THE TRUE YOU" or someting like that
Dearka> And Yzak's like DD:
Yzak[ALLMAN]> talking about semeness is my true self?
Dearka> ..then the last bit is all "HOLD THAT POSE. PERFECT" and Yzak's like "l-like this? >.>"

And the end. I think. XD


I just want to point out that officialbizness got a lot of money from her school as an award for starting campfuckudie, GO READ HER POST THERE because I think that is the coolest thing ever. CFUD is on its way to world domination, possibly.
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