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Went to meet up with Rikuou firstly, downtown like 4 blocks away from my school and Lisa's house. Nostalgia of the various kind! The bus was nice! We took like almost a half hour to get out of the city alone because of the atrocious traffic Chinatown always has. And this was at 9:30/10:00am. But yes! The busride was long, so we just kind of chilled, and Rikuou went to sleep since even the power of cons isn't strong enough to keep us CFUD players up all night on IRC. :Db

Washington DC's subway lines amazed me. The stations were so awesome looking and the way their fare cards work is a little weird, but quirky and interesting-like! There were panda bears on the cards omg. And the trains had plush seating. :O ON A TRAIN, also rugs, IT WAS AMAZING I was oogling over it like a total dork. Then Rikuou and I took. A special long time to find our hotel and it was hilarious and frustrating and adventurous. We wound up just jumping into a cab since they'd know where the hotel was. XD We'd called Meer like "WE'RE KIND OF LOST".

But we made it to the hotel and there was much rejoicing. George had already gotten there the night before us, so we dropped our stuff and headed on over to the con to get on line for registration. Tried to get in touch with Hisoka and Meer, and Meer was at the front of the line. :Db So we totally found her and joined her no lines for us wiiiiiiin. Sadly, Soka had to stay with her group for that so in the meantimewe met up with George and gave her her jacket she'd left in the hotel room.

Rikuou put up her pretty art in the Artist Gallery, ♥. And we hung around and looked at stuff in there, someone made a really pretty pillow of a Paopu fruit from Kingdom Hearts and I wanted iiiiiit. By the time we were done with that, Hisoka was done with the line so came to meet up with us, and then we hit up the Dealers Room. Aka the place that made me totally poor but I loved every moment of it.

SO MUCH SHINY. *_* I can't even begin but yes. From the pics last night I scored the 1/8 KOS-MOS figure, and then the Dearka/Yzak towel caught my eye by chance and I gobbled that up along with it. The Last Exile figures taunted me for a few minutes, because they were in sealed boxes, and I really wanted only one of them (The Dio/Luciolla one) so I was like "... D:" Then I tried rattling the boxes since the one I wanted was bulkier than the others and got the one that rattled the least based on that. XD AND WOO HOO I WAS RIGHT cause I got the one I wanted.

And now I forget what happened in what order so the rest will be rambling.

The AMV contest was great, and there were some goood ones. The intros to each category had little videos that were hilarious. XD Like Gendo singing to Rei. There was a Loveless AMV and Soubi had on Yzak's gay purple frilled jacket and Meer was like "THAT JACKET LOOKS FAMILIAR" and now in CFUD since it's Loveless week, Yzak and the ZERO boys are going to fight over the jacket. And then somehow Yzak and Soubi will fight and it will also involve the coat somehow. Best enable idea ever. There was Springtime for Hitler to the Fullmetal Alchemist movie and then If You Were Gay to Evangelion with Gendo and Shinji. XD

There was lots of nice cosplay, too. There was one really nice Alex that we couldn't find again cause we wanted THE HIPS. We had a Gai DYNAMIC ENTERING next to Rikuou. XDD There was armor Al with a kitten, gay lawyers, and much more! Since we got in sort of late we didn't sweep the dealer room before it closed, and once we were done with the AMV stuff we went to McDonalds yay. There was much camp talk. XD IT WAS FUN I love having people to dork and talk with about this stuff. :Db

To get between the con and our hotel though we had to cross this long ass bridge and it was icy and OUR WORST ENEMY. But we went back to the hotel and chilled out for a while, dorked around and turned in rather early the first night. XD Rikuou got a Yami no Matsuei doujin called Orgy. :D Cause yes I was browsing a lot of the doujin but sadly there was nothing for me. The only DeaYza ones I didn't have were by a circle that I don't really like much anymore, and it was mostly Nattsu stuff which I have already. XD And the Xenosaga/Gears section was all Gears yaoi. :((((((((((( I wanted some Jr. or URTV luvin'. And there were a couple of hentai Xenosaga ones too but boo.

The next morning when we headed out I posed with a white flower since SEED official art yeyz. There was this life-sized BL poster with two guys making out, and. And then Rikuou had the best idea ever so I went in front of one of where one of the guys in the pic were and posed so it looked like I was having a hot affair and we took pics and then Dearka dumped me. :(( George got kitty ears to practice for Loveless week. >D Then I orgasmed money onto places in the dealer room and got the Meer DX figure, the other KOS-MOS figure, the little KOS-MOS figure, and the 4 Xenosaga Anthology manga things. Since they're like official doujin or fancomics or... something. ICON FODDER. Then I saw the artbook for the Xenosaga II Complete Graphics and hoo boy howdy did I splurt my money all over that guy selling it. :D

We met up with Kazumi and Setsuna that day, too and they were awesome. :D We chilled out in the Artists place and looked at our stuff and took pics and generally dorked around. There was a guy there with one of the KOS-MOS figures from that small set and he had a XS PENCILBOARD so I ran over like OMG which stand did you find that at and I couldn't find any the next day but. :( Me and that guy talked and dorked for a few and I showed him which figure I got from the set and he asked if there were any artbooks I found so I took out the II artboook and yes it was fun! ;O; We talked about some of the graphic renderings and eeee I felt so shiny.

There was a Bleach group cosplay too and the Ishida was amazing. Meer went up to him and asked is Quincy Archer hated her. XD We met up with Fighter to go out for dinner after that and I ninjad in my drink since I had a can of Green Tea like HA I will not have to purchase a beverage from this place. That night was fun because we called people. XD We called Hime/Gilbert and Meer's phone was magically nicknamed the Gilcock so we all had Gilly's cock in our ears and took turns talking to her. She said she had a post idea because of something me, her and Meer talked about and now I'm scared because Yzak was already bopped with a dildo IC. :(

We also made like 3 phone posts to LJ, made improv Smurf porn, sang If You Were Gay, read exerpts of gay from the Suikoden III manga. George molested Meer and then bedded Rikuou. We watched an episode of Princess Tutu and then Dead Like Me. Had wine and Godiva... stuff that tasted pretty good when mixed in with ice cream. Meer got a Vader is my Daddy t-shirt. XDDDD And, yes we were up and I had gotten to the hotel first since I thought of something to get for mah luvr so I had to go... do the right things for that for the next day. XD Which will be elaborated on later.

Last day we bummed around in the dealers room one last time, took some more pics, and then went to watch some random Gakuen Heaven and makes cracks at it. >D Hisoka had to leave though. :( Then we wandered some more, then started winding down so went to get some food to go for me and Rikuou to eat on the bus. Split up with everyone else. Then me, Rikuou and Meer headed toward the train. Until Hisoka texted Rikuou saying someone called on Meer's phone and she'd left it in one of the screening rooms so she had to go get it, and left to run do that.

Aaand yes, we got to the bus okay and as we were preparing to leave my soda exploded all over me because I am a WINNER so we changed seats since ewww. XD And as Meer said when Rikuou texted her saying this it was grape soda which is the color of gay so in a twisted way it was sort of meant to be. >:

Then long boring busride home and me and Rikuou split and went home. Of course all silver clouds must have a grey lining because I saw someone on the train home who I didn't want to see. Dood who got me booted from school and sdlkgjslk why the twisted irony there I just kind of WALKED UP away so I didn't have to look at him. XD

Then I lugged my bags alllll the way home. And molested everything I got.

In short, it was a fabulous weekend, I'm forgetting so many awesome things that were said and happened. I loved meeting everyone new from CFUD and they were all so kick ass and I had so much fun with them. :D ♥



8D Now he has 1/8-sized friends.

Dio~. ;o;


Yeah, more figure pictures with random commentary can be found here!!

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