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CFUD + things like iSketch and pChat = the utter lols. Lots of SEED, Xenosaga, Gankutsuou and other wacky drawings here. (some are kind of nsfwish cause we're that awesome)

First are some iSketch caps... from a few that floored me. The commentary on the left is amusing as well.
Dearka's turn to draw. Her word was "dress" (DIE)

My turn to draw, word was "panty"

Dearka again, "mean" XD

chaos, "taste"

Comic, and "pickle"

Me, "hut"

And now this is pchat, where you just... chat and draw. It was me, Dearka, chaos, Albert/Taki, Gaara, Janaff, Rey, Toph. All at diff. times and lengths. Mostly it was the first five of us. These are just priceless.

Phallic things gravitate to Dearka's bum.

This one. This one was just. I don't know but somehow it was the GREATEST THING EVER. Dearka drew a fan on the floor... and that Marilyn Monroe image came to mind so I... best ever sdlj;dfkjsli I'm so tempted to icon it or something. XDDDDDDDDDDD

Then I drew Yzak and THIS WAS SO NOT FUNNY GUYS.

And chaos took a lot more screencaps from pChat which are here. I just. Omg.

Randomly, when Cody was on my lap sleeping before, I hit this part behind his ear so he did that back leg scratch thing that dogs usually do. XD It was so adorable sdlkjfls and now some pics of him.



This was on my lap.

This is from today omg socute he's sleeping on my giant tiger doll~
Tags: cfud, dearka/yzak, drawings, gundam seed, last exile, pictures, wtf, xenosaga
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