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27 February 2006 @ 12:22 am
AHAHA. Today was crazy. Grandma is here. And SHE STRIPPED IN FRONT OF ME, WHAT THE HELL. But yes, there was much ninjaing in the hallways, and at one point when they were taking the recliner chair up, our prick landlord was coming downstairs to go out somewhere, and he just STOOD there in the hallway and just STARED at us randomly, wtf. -_-

Also we had called my uncle to come and help us moving stuff since we're on the second floor here, and had one man there, and he was *at the bar*, and said he would come in like 5 minutes, and NEVER CAME, then he didn't respond after that to my sister beeping him. WAY TO GO FAMILY. So Joanne had to help in getting the chair up. T_T

And the best news? Grandma bought her CAT WITH HER, and they didn't get here until like 9-ish, and my grandpa goes to sleep at 9. And they're going to bring Doink up to his apartment tomorrow and HE HAS NO IDEA THEY'RE COMING WITH A CAT FOR HIM. They're just going to go up like "hey, here's a cat, OK." So in the meantime we have Doink in the bathroom, since it's been like years since Doink lived with us, so she's not used to Cody and Roger anymore. And she was hising and spitting when poor Cody went to go check her out in her carrier. :( So far it's been an INTERESTING DAY, really.

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I am still baffled as to how me, my sister, my mom AND my dad (and at one point my OTHER sister, but that was when I was a baby) all lived in this freaking house at one point.

And now a meme that was ruthlessly stolen. Take it! Especially new people on my FL, or for that matter, ones who have BEEN on my FL who I don't talk to much. XD; :: has really been trying to reply to people, but lacks in things to say! ::

Ask me a question about anything -- fandom, real life, music, vegetables, etc -- and I'll answer. Then I'll ask YOU a question. Rinse, repeat. If this works, by the end we could know each other so well we're sick of each other and have to quit one another for a while.

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24 February 2006 @ 06:14 pm
Okay, SO. I have had the Episode of Aki Ayashi no Ceres novel forever. And I scored Episode of Shuro, and Episode of Miku volumes 2 and 3 for CHEAP, and they came today. I put in a request for Miku 1 and Tooya, and that's all of them. But in the meantime, I scanned some of the illustrations from all of them~!!

Ayashi no Ceres novel pics lol!Collapse )

After oogling at these novels, and after just being like ":O~" watching the Final Fantasy X water makeout scene, I want to do my crossover fic so much. T_T Woes.
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27 January 2006 @ 07:03 am





The brain damage this causedCollapse )

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14 January 2006 @ 12:45 am
First the scans, and now here are a few quotes from the second SEED novel. And.. there is so much TolleMiri in it I was... gleefuly overjoyed.

Lols SEED novelCollapse )

And from this novel? I got me a [hot new novel image]
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05 December 2005 @ 01:46 pm
FANFIC DROP FANFIC DROP. For those of you who replied to my recent post requesting stuff, I did them all in a rush of random writing urge, so I hope you like. >D

Various Gundam SEED and CFUD fics go hereCollapse )
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05 October 2005 @ 08:33 pm
So here are amusing parts of the SEED novel (yes, I already finished it, stfu). Ranging from really gay sounding, to plain perverted, and random other things in it I particularly liked.

Yay novelCollapse )

Now I need vol 2 cause desert arc. Yes. Yzak bandage scene. Yzak and Dearka trying to walk in the sand ahahahh XDDD

And there is an image from the novel of Yzak Dearka and Athrun and now I shall go scan it and update shrine~
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18 August 2005 @ 02:12 am
Deleted last post about Aetherize, luckilly found another download of it that wasn't connected to the "official" one or something.

So now another meme.

Ask me my opinion on any character from any fandom, and I will say. If I do not know the fandom, I will say what I think I know based on fannish osmosis.
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Be still my beating fangirl heart!Collapse )
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09 April 2005 @ 11:31 pm
God today was fun. XD Especially on 2 hours sleep on my part, hur hur. ;D

The funniest part was when we were in the nocturnal area, and we were looking at the porcupines and were close to the glass since they were really close. Then they both like came right up to the glass and their spike things all WENT UP and the three of us screamed. xD

I also got this cheetah doll and a tiny chibi-ish poly bear doll. XD I am such a doll whore I need to waste money on them when I go to places like that. =D

First come pics of Ayla from last week then The Bronx Zoo!Collapse )

Mmmm @ full version Destiny new OP. ..... :: tries not to maul small children thinking about lack in the op :: >_____>;; I WAS HOPING FOR A COOL NEW ICON FOR THE OP BUT.. ;__:

GOOD SONG. Download it pls everyone seedgenesis has a link.


:DDD :: needs to work on Murrue and Stellar FL buttons !!!!!! :: .... >___>; :: and no Yzak ones ::
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03 February 2005 @ 01:20 pm
Yay so I uploaded my RO screenshots now. XD They're like.. all SEED stuff, so you'd get them if you're a SEED fan. Most of it is the druggies insulting eachother. XD

NOTE: since LJ is being a retard you maye have to refresh to get it to work.
XD Oh fun timesCollapse )

Weee. xD Leaving for work in a few, Only need me for an hour so I should be back before 5. =3

PS MY DOUJIN CAMW TODAY OMG. !!!!!!111111111111111111111


Selfish Prince - Mostly a novel, but I knew this, the mini comics are so cool though. ONE IS YZAK EZARIA AND DEARKA AT A LACUS CONCERT. AND YZAK HAS ON A LACUS TSHIRT OMG XDDDDDDD

Hawt Yzaseme one: Not as hawt and steamy as the Mwu one I had seen, but still good all the same. It's I think some episode 50-thing. XD

Impulse - Episode 50 thing. This one owns. XD Pretty art, and just uhm, sex and minor fluff. Fluffff <3

AthYza - Hot and amusing. XD Yzak is like "HAY STOP THAT" but doesn't move and lets Athrun so him anyway. D= Yeah way to totally show Athrun who's boss huh Yzak

NATTSU PERFECT WORLD erjkhgwkej - This was the pwn. XD Admittedly there's not too much DeaYza in it since 11) I can't read it, but it seems like Jule taichou is stressed out, so Dearka is like ";__:", then he hang around with Luna and they're all buddy buddy. XD I can't tell since Luna seemed to want to know something about Yzak but Dearka was like ";D" So Luna was like "=O" It was more ReyShinn and GilRey based. D=! I hope Phase 2 comes out soon! Since that'll probably cover episode 6, and need more DeaYzaness. XD
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